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CRIU VIDEO PRODUCTION offers 10 000 EURO for start-ups and small entrepreneurs.

We have 50 gift vouchers 200 Euros each. The offer is addressed to small entrepreneurs and start-up businesses.

The promotion is valid until all vouchers are sold out. The validity period of the vouchers is by the end of 2020. If you have received a voucher you can transform it into a video presentation of your company or of your services.

  1. - 200 EUR Voucher GIFT
  2. - the voucher is for start-up and small entrepreneurs
  3. 50 vouchers
  4. -a business/person can ask only one voucher

The voucher contains the video processing of the images the client already has.The promotional package includes a video of 25/30 seconds with the presentation of the client’s requests for his company or services. The video will contain the animated logo of the company.

You can receive a voucher very easy.

All you have to do is to request a voucher. You can also share this information for all your friends on the social media.

Criu Video Production SRL - financing program

CRIU VIDEO PRODUCTION is a 2016 start-up created to provide video services. The latest generation equipment is purchased through the National Rural Development Program (NRDP)

National Rural Development Program. Program financed by the European Union and the Romanian government through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Europe is investing in rural areas.

The latest generation equipment is purchased through the National Rural Development Program (NRDP)

Contracting Authority: Agency for financing rural investments within the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

Price List

150 EUR

100 EUR

Drone filming session

- Inspire 2 equipped with X5S/X4S lens

- Up to 40 minutes flight/location

- 1 drone operator

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200 EUR

150 EUR

Basic presentation clip

- 25/35 seconds long

- animated logo

- made with the client's videos

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500 EUR

400 EUR

Video Promo PACK

- one video session/location

- animated elements and logo

- one main clip delivered

- social media pack delivered
(video cover and stories)

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150 EUR

100 EUR

Studio filming session

- interviews

- photo shooting

- black/white background

- product photo

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1000 EUR

800 EUR

Video brand strategy

- set campaign goals and audiance

- nail down your message across videos

- optimize your videos and target for each channel

- use video throughout the flywheel

- defining goals and analyzing results

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20 EUR/h

15 EUR/h

Video editing

- edit in Final Cut Pro X

- hourly rate

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25 EUR/h

20 EUR/h

Motion editing

- edit in Motion 5

- animation logo

- animation graphic elements

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